Cancellation Policy

Due to the recent increase in customers ‘No-showing’ without cancelling in advance, from today every no-show will be charged for their missed appointment the next time they visit.


Black dog pays a lot of money for a user friendly booking system giving you the option to change / cancel your appointments in advance so there is no excuse for just not showing up to your appointment unless it’s for something important.


We’re a busy shop with people wanting to get booked in and can’t have people just taking up space for appointments they are not going to make. Not only that but every barber at Black Dog is self employed so it effects peoples way of an income.


If you no show starting 14th November 2019, the barber will text to notify you’ve missed an appointment and that you will be charged twice on your next visit, or pay before which ever you prefer. If you don’t want to that’s fine there will be no bad blood or problem but we’ll just explain we will have to remove you from the system and no longer have the option to book.


We appreciate all our customers and the support you give us.


Black Dog